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Diagnost is an innovative and state-of-the-art platform for people of any demographic who would like to better understand their health.

Our health impacts our quality of life, our longevity, and our behaviour; however, we cannot ignore the reciprocal nature of this issue. Only by understanding our health and getting acquainted with our health status can we improve and mitigate any negative impacts on it.




how do

Diagnost work

we’ve built a simple 5 step process


You have to register on our site or download our application and complete a questionnaire indicating your symptoms and your health concerns.


Based on your questionnaire, we will recommend a test suited to your profile. Alternatively you can choose the one you prefer from our selection.


Your test kit will be delivered to you with all the necessary materials, including easy-to-follow instructions on how to collect your sample and a prepaid envelope to post it back to our laboratory.


Once we receive your sample it will be immediately processed and the results analysed.


You will then receive your results, including a detailed and easy-to-understand interpretation of these results and recommended actions to take, in your personal and secure account online.

Our Expertise

Personalized for you by our doctors

Specific and highly accurate analysis of your clinical and biochemical parameters

Clear, professional interpretation and explanation of your results

Telemedicine support with our renowned biomedical experts

User friendly and intuitive tracking of your results

Personalised adjustment and correction of your nutritional plan

Unique programs to boost regenerative anti-aging processes

What do we test?

Our tests use different biological materials like saliva, dried urine or finger-prick dried blood drops depending on the type of test and the parameters we will analyse.

For example, to check whether your hormonal levels are balanced, we will use dried urine to test the metabolites of your hormones. Based on these, we can draw conclusions about your hormonal balance.

What will you learn?

Once we get your results, we interpret them for you in line with your symptoms and priorities previously identified from the questionnaire you completed. We will address what you need to correct, and how, in order to be in balance, including:

  • which clinical and biochemical parameters correspond to your symptoms and what’s happening inside your body

  • what are the normal and optimal levels for anti-aging parameters and, in this regard, your current status 

  • what actions to take to achieve a long-term balance of your health, eliminate negative symptoms, and prevent disease

Where are the test samples analysed?

We employ leading laboratories in innovation in the United States and Europe, with a wide array of cutting-edge techniques at their disposal, in order to receive the most advanced insights into your health.

Quality and Accuracy are among our core values, which is why all our partner laboratories are certified and in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

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